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DPAM Ambassador Search is a nationwide contest on the lookout for the brightest and spunkiest kids. The DPAM team sift through hundreds of submissions via DPAM’s Facebook to select the face of the brand—someone who is very much the brand DNA: fun, playful and free!

Introducing: the finalists for DPAM Ambassador Search 2019! As they flaunt the latest DPAM collections, we spent some time getting to know them in our Q&A.

Meet our first DPAM ambassador!
“This pink tutu makes me feel like a princess! That’s what I want to be when I grow up.” – Ayra

“I want to be just like Spiderman because he helps people when they are in danger, and shooting webs looks like fun!” – Wei Jian

“I like going to school to play with my friends. Drawing with them is extra fun!” – Raessa

“I want to be a superhero when I grow up. Just like the Red Ranger!” – Niklaus

“I wish I had Princess Elsa’s superpower. Playing with snow all the time would be so magical!” – Maya

“I love Mickey and Minnie Mouse. I hope to see them one day at Disneyland!” – Aiden

“Arts and crafts are one of my favourite things to do. DIY tutorial videos are the best!” – Enting